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April Aiello: Joseph Alexandre Hausse

Hi Claude, I just wanted to mention that Joseph Alexandre "Alex"  Hausse born 8 Feb 1835 in Habay-la-Neuve, son of Nicolas Hausse and Therese Rosalie Lanners, married Helene Antoine in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA on 11 Dec 1861, and died in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA on 20 July 1881.  If I would like more information regarding on Alex, I would be happy to share what I have.  I found your research helpful.  Thank you.

Best Regards,

April Aiello

Thursday, 09 January 2014


je m'appelle Valérie LANNERS (épouse BARON) descendante directe de johannes LANNERS et de Margurite Scholtes (1600), arrière petite fille de Catherine LANNERS(née en 1874) qui à abandonnée à l'assistance publique mon grand-père Léon LANNERS ( né en 1896 à Paris 11ème), j'ai toujours voulu connaître mes origines car dans ma famille on nous a toujours caché la vérité sur la naissance de mon grand-père et lorsque j'ai visité l'arbre généalogique de Claude LANNERS j'ai eu un choc! je me suis trouvé dans son arbre sur GEANET et j'ai pu enfin connaître mes origines, alors un grand merci à Claude LANNERS et espère visiter très prochainement HOSHEID la terre de mes ancêtres,



My name is Valérie LANNERS (marry BARON) direct descendant of johannes LANNERS and Margurite Scholtes ( 1600 ), defer girl of Catherine LANNERS (been born in 1874) who in abandoned(given up) to the welfare services my grandfather Léon LANNERS (been born in 1896 in Paris 11th district), I always wanted to know my origins because in my family we always hid us the truth on the birth of my grandfather and when I visited Claude LANNERS's family tree I had a shock! I was in his(her,its) tree on GEANET and I was finally able to know my origins, then one thank you to Claude LANNERS and hopes to visit very soon HOSHEID the earth(ground) of my ancestors, Valérie LANNERS BARON


Ich heiße Valérie LANNERS (Gattin BARON) direkte Nachkomme von Johannes LANNERS und von Margurite Scholtes ( 1600 ), dem hinteren kleinen Mädchen von Catherine LANNERS (1874 zur Welt gekommen) das in, in der öffentlichen Fürsorge mein Großvater Léon LANNERS verlassen(aufgegeben) (1896 in 11. Paris zur Welt gekommen), ich ich habe meine Ursprünge kennen(erkennen) immer wollen, weil man in meiner Familie vor uns die Wahrheit in die Geburt meines Großvaters immer versteckt hat und als ich den Stammbaum von Claude LANNERS besucht habe

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sean A Lanners: Hi There!

Hello there. I just stumbled upon your website and I thought I'd say introduce myself. My name is Sean Lanners, I live near Chicago, Illinois in the US. My grandfather, Jean Pierre Lanners, originally came from Bourscheid, Luxembourg shortly after the end of WWII. He came to the smaller town of Morton Grove, Illinois where he worked as a carpenter and did very well for himself. He married and had two sons, Richard and John (my father). Sadly my grandfather had passed away about a year and a half ago due to a severe stroke. He had two grandchildren, Samantha (my cousin) and myself. Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Sincerely, Sean Lanners

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jeff: Wow!

Hello Claude,


Great work!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tim: Hallo!


 Schöne Website, man sieht dass viel Arbeit drin steckt. Weiter so!





Tuesday, 12 April 2011


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